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Creative Consulting

Reach your creative goals with personalized 1 on 1 consultation. With my creative strategy consultation service, you'll get tailored advice and guidance to bring your creative vision to life. We'll discuss your strengths and weaknesses, areas of expertise, and unique perspectives, and develop a plan to help you reach your goals. Get personalized strategies for time management, organization, brainstorming, and more. Your success starts here.

Host Art Workshop

Want to host an intimate gathering amongst friends? Let us tailor your art experience.

In Person Shopping

We are available to vend at your upcoming event.


Custom Wall Paintings

Our experienced team of artists will travel to your home to create a unique and personalized painting that will transform any room into a work of art.

Custom Jewelry Design

Design exquisite custom jewelry with this custom jewelry design service. Our experts will help you craft unique beaded and wired jewelry pieces that reflect your style and personality. Our customizable pieces are perfect for any occasion.

Custom Shoe Painting

Take your style to the next level with our Custom Painted Shoes. We create an inspired, vibrant abstract painting of two colors of your choice.

Custom Purse Painting

Our custom-painted purses are the perfect way to add a unique personal touch to your look. Our experienced painters specialize in creating beautiful pieces to match your style and make you stand out. Get a one-of-a-kind accessory that is sure to turn heads.

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