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We're Raising $7K in 21 Days

I'm Jamie, and I'm fundraising for an incredible opportunity with 'The Blox,' a reality TV show about entrepreneurship.
My journey to this point has been a profound one, shaped by challenges and triumphs that have led me to where I am today.
Growing up, I battled an eating disorder called ARFID, which, coupled with my family's lack of emphasis on healthy eating, left me with no concept of what it meant to eat "healthy." Fruit, a rarity in our household, was considered a luxury. Despite being raised in a family where traditions like pizza night were cherished, I struggled with my health, eventually leading me to make a change at 21, determined to shed the excess weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.
My journey took a turn when I encountered Herbalife, initially finding success but later realizing it wasn't a sustainable solution. My pursuit of holistic health led me to reevaluate my diet, cutting out processed foods and replacing them with natural alternatives. However, my health challenges persisted, eventually leading to a diagnosis of Endometriosis, a condition that drastically affected my quality of life. Determined to find a natural solution, I researched tirelessly, eventually discovering the impact of certain foods on my condition. Through dietary changes, I found relief, realizing that food could be my medicine.
Following these transformative experiences, I was inspired to pursue certifications as a personal trainer, master self-care and healing life coach, and nutritionist. Armed with this knowledge and a deep desire to help others on their own journeys to wellness, I founded Feel Bright Studios. Feel Bright Studios addresses the modern challenge of disconnected creativity and well-being by offering a unique fusion of art, wellness, and personal development. In a world where stress and disconnection are prevalent, Feel Bright Studios provides a solution through art healing, holistic wellness, and personal growth.
My decision to quit my 9-5 job in April 2023 was a decision to reclaim my full happiness and pursue Feel Bright Studios LLC full time. And now a year later, this journey has led me to this incredible opportunity with 'The Blox.' However, due to my current income status, I can't go on the show if I'm unable to reach my fundraising goal. I have a three-week deadline to raise $7,000 for costs associated with participating in 'The Blox.' This opportunity is not just about me; it's about sharing my journey and spreading Feel Bright Studios' mission of choosing full happiness. It's a choice and an opportunity to live a brighter life.
By supporting my fundraising campaign, you're not just helping me reach my goal; you're also supporting a mission to inspire others to take control of their health and wellness. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference. Together, we can make this journey a reality and spread the message of choosing full happiness.
Visit our donation page here : https://gofund.me/05605e73
Thank you for your support!
As always, Stay Vibrant ,
Jamie Hillocks 
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