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I Decided To Try Out Hobby Lobby's Master Touch Acrylic Paint

I Decided To Try Out Hobby Lobby's Master Touch Acrylic Paint.

I decided to try out Master Touch paint after hearing about it a couple of times earlier in the year. After hearing such great news about the ability of the product, I had to make a purchase.
Master Touch Paint is exclusively sold at Hobby Lobby. The closest location to me is about a 45-50 min drive away so, I opted for online delivery. Hobby Lobby seems to have a similar sale structure to Michael's and AC Moore. There was a sale going on at the time which appears to happen often, so I managed to buy a 48ct Set of paint for just about $40 bucks including shipping. (Yay, Winning)
Normally, I paint with Amsterdam Acrylic Paint, Blick Art Materials Paint, Utrecht Acrylic Paint, and Spray Paint. These paints range in consistency, lightfastness, and transparency. 
Now when I got my paint in the mail ( Fast delivery, btw), I was so excited to start painting, I immediately pulled out some canvas and got started. The paint is an acrylic water-based paint but mimics oil paint in a few ways. I received about an additional 20 -30 min window of blending time between application. I was also able to rewet the paint for extended blending time while painting. The best part of all, the paint was easy to wipe of my canvas if I decided that color wasn't going to work out. 

The Bottom Line 

I will be adding this paint collection to my painter kit. 
My suggestion if you decide to try this paint is to invest in some very good paintbrushes, the brushes I used were old and not very well taken care of. I am excited to test out this paint with a nicely picked paintbrush. 
Stay Inspired Art Fam,
Jamie Hillocks
founder, Feel Bright
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